Earn money to complete paid surveys online is a legal and simple way to complete surveys provided by specialized survey companies in exchange for financial surveys.

These survey companies upon registering with them periodically send us the survey to their e-mail address and then pay a fixed amount for each survey we complete.

Earn Online By Paid Survey

But, the amount these survey companies have given us for each completed survey usually has a limit of $ 3 on average which varies depending on the length of the questionnaire and company policy and can range from a few cents to a few dollars.

We probably won’t become millionaires in this way of making money on the Internet, but it can mean extra income that allows us to pay some of our debts or cover some of our expenses and even a certain Even income that allows us to live comfortably If we dedicate ourselves to it.

How to earn money to complete paid survey

The first step to making money by completing paid surveys is to register on the website of a survey company that offers this possibility.

After registration, we will be asked to fill out a form with some of our personal data, such as age, education, occupation, hobbies, etc., to create a profile and thus send us the survey that best suits our needs.

For example, if our profile indicates that we have pets at home, they will send us surveys about pet products but if they indicate that we do not have children at home they will pet us will not send surveys about products.

Once we are registered with a survey company it will start sending us regular invitations to participate in paid surveys at our email address and provide us with a link that will provide us with a link to its electronic Will direct to the location.

Once we complete a survey and send it back the survey company will pay us a set amount of money (which as I mentioned is usually an average of $ 3) which will be credited to an account.

And once we deposit a certain amount that is usually in the average range of 15 to 50 dollars, depending on the policy of the voting company, it will give us the money deposited usually Paypal, bank transfer or sends through check.

Why are we paid to complete a survey

As we have seen so far, earning money by completing paid surveys is an easy way to earn money online, but if we are still skeptical about this way of earning money. It is probably because we are thinking that Why they will pay us.

The reason they pay us to complete the survey is that it is very important for large companies to let consumers know their needs, tastes, preferences, and other characteristics as well as their opinions about their products or services.

And since surveying is not an easy task, as no one has time to complete them nowadays, large companies employ survey companies (in which they specialize) and also offer them to handle this task.

A budget to be paid as an incentive to cater to customers.

Therefore, the surveying companies pay us to complete the survey, but in reality, they are the intermediaries of the big companies which are the ones who give them the money to pay us because it is very important for them to fill them and They know that it is not easy for us we convince ourselves to give us time to do it.

How to find survey companies

To find survey companies that pay us to complete surveys, there are two options: go to the Internet and search for them on your own or go to the directories of lists of survey companies (you can find one of these directories below Can be found from the link given below).

If we choose the first option we have the advantage that we can find free survey companies although it is a disadvantage that it can take time to find good survey companies apart from the fact that when we search for them We can find sites that feature these companies.

To deceive us for example by hacking our data and then sending spam selling or worse our hacking.

Whereas, if we opt for the second option we have the advantage that we can access an extensive list of legitimate survey companies and thus avoid the task of looking for them, as well as the risk of running on those sites Can also pick up what these companies offer.

To deceive us, however, the disadvantage is that good voting directors usually charge a sum of money to access their lists.

How to find survey companies
How to find survey companies

How to choose a survey company

Whether we search for survey companies on the Internet on our own or use directories from their lists some ideas we should consider when choosing a survey company to consider are:

  • Countries in which they work: Voting companies that offer paid elections in Spanish do not always work in all Spanish-speaking countries, so the first thing we should do before registering for one’s That is we should work in it.
  • Reward: When we register with a survey company, we should also make sure that it will reward us for completing a cash survey, as there are some that only reward us with gifts, product samples or promotional coupons.
  • Promotional Bonus: One aspect that we may consider when selecting a voting company is the promotional bonus (which is usually cash) that some companies would usually offer us as an incentive to sign up for them.
  • Reviews: Before you sign up for a survey company, it’s a good idea to read the reviews you can do on third-party blogs or forums and for example, to find out if such people Are those who actually make money or know their experiences.
  • The other people who were with me are with me.
  • Privacy Policy: It is also pertinent to see if the voting company has a privacy policy that specifies the treatment that it will give to our data and will ensure that it does not transfer it to third parties or use it to junk email us Or to send spam.

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The key to making money by completing a paid survey.

Earning money by completing paid surveys is an easy way to earn money however, if survey companies are paid for each completed survey other than the average amount, then we assume that most of these companies only send us a few surveys per month, we might think that this is not the way that we Will earn a lot of money

But the truth is that with this method it is possible to earn a good amount of money if we apply the funds to complete paid surveys that are to register with many polling companies.

Not in five, not in ten not in twenty but in at least fifty so as to get as many votes as possible in a day.

To find many such survey companies we can use the Internet and search them one by one but, as we mentioned apart from the fact that it will take us the time we risk entering Raise that these companies exist to snatch us up.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid the task of looking for them and, above all, the risk of completing sites that present themselves as these companies to give us access to the directories that already have them Takes work to assemble, make lists with them.

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Tips to earn money by completing paid survey

Use the same name and password: When registering with polling companies it is recommended that all companies registered by us avoid using this data about (or in any case) later.

Use the same username and password to help us manage.

In addition to registering with many survey companies to get more surveys per day there are other tips to make money by completing paid surveys:

  • Exaggerate the profile a bit: When creating our profile, it is advisable to exaggerate it a bit to get more surveys on the company which does not mean we believe a fake profile but it may mean, For example “yes” when asked if we play a game that we don’t play but we’ve done before or it marks more options when they ask us about our interests.

Do not specify that we have worked in research companies: When you create our profile, we should never say that we work or work in market research, marketing, or a similar company, because of polling companies. We will assume that we will not complete the survey as a consumer, but as someone who knows how they work and therefore will avoid sending them to us.

  • Answer poll surveys honestly: Elections sent to us by polling companies usually include security questions that let them know if the person completing them is doing it judiciously or randomly by asking questions. Is responding, and if they find out that not only are we doing this, they will send it to us.
  • Elections, but they will also cancel our account.
  • Take advantage of referral programs: In addition to earning money by completing surveys, we can also make money with referral programs that are usually held by polling companies, which allow us to earn commissions for each referral we receive. (The person we have managed to convince him / her to register with the company we are registered with) and for each survey that you complete.

For more information about earning money by completing paid surveys, in addition to accessing a directory of the list of survey companies, please follow the link below.


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