Hey say that the best camera is the one you always carry with you. And since mobile cameras have evolved to produce high-quality images, many have become amateur photographers of landscapes, animals, faces, or urban scenes.

Of course, what is a simple hobby, thanks to the Internet, can become a source of income. We are not talking about creating a comfortable life, but we are talking about having extra money that can come in handy to involve ourselves from time to time. how? Very simple: selling your photos on the Internet for use by companies, agencies, media and content creators in their projects.

Selling your photos on the Internet is easier than before. Platforms that act as intermediaries, in general, operate in a similar way: you create a contributor account, upload your photos (with pre-examination to check their quality in some cases) ) And wait for your customers.

The platform charges a percentage for its services, which vary from one to the other.

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In some cases, moreover, special requests from customers can be accepted (such as “I want photos of the couple at a romantic dinner”) or it is the platform itself that hosts thematic competitions or photography challenges.

Do you think you can make money from your photos? Take a look at these options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Top Best Places to sell your photo


Twenty20 is the new website that once allowed you to create a gallery with your Instagram photos and sell them in various formats (from a digital print to a canvas print).

The service has evolved to allow you to sell all your photos (not just from Instagram) with the possibility of connecting with various hosting services in the cloud. The photos you send are reviewed by a group of editors to ensure the lowest level of quality.

Twenty20 also organizes photo challenges, deals with topics that customers are looking for the most, and is sometimes sponsored by a company that needs a certain type of images. Top voting appears in select lists, while the winner takes the cash prize.

In Twenty20 you earn 40% of the photo’s price if they buy it through a subscription plan, and 32% if it’s a one-time photo sale. Payment is made via PayPal.



Shutterstock may sound like a photo download service to you. But you can also use it for the exact opposite: upload your content (not only photos but also video clips and vector designs) and make money with them.

Shutterstock has a blog dedicated to its content contributors, where they post tips for taking better photos, optimizing editing techniques or getting inspiration for new topics.


You also have a forum where you can share experiences with other photographers.The reward you get at Shutterstock depends on how much you’ve earned, the type of user who buys the photo, and even the license; The minimum is 25 cents, 30% of the photo’s price (maximum $ 120 per photo).

Deposited photo

Deposit is another stock image service like the previous one, which allows you to create a special user account with which you can contribute your photos and make money.

You will also have to pass a short test with some photographs – we assume that is how one will know about you as a photographer. From that moment on, you will be able to publish your photo, video or vector designs, so that they can provide deposit photo users with a price determined by the web.

All content you upload must undergo prior quality control. Earnings depend on your level as a contributor, a scale that is set according to the number you have downloaded; The more downloads, the more levels and the money you will earn with your photos.

The margin is between 34% to 42% for photos purchased on-demand, and among photos purchased by subscription, there is a fixed price between 30 and 35 cents.


Snapwire is another online service that connects photographers from all over the world who want to sell their content online (around 300,000, according to the web) with people who are looking at a few different photos, away from the cliche of common stock photos Huh.

Snapwire works in two different ways: on the one hand, you can accept photographic challenges and special requests from customers that require a specific type of image, and on the other hand, you can use the web more “traditional “Ways, such as a showcase for your work, allowing users to review your photos and choose one they like.

The profit percentage depends on how you use the platform. In general, this is 70% for challenges and requests, and 50% for photos sold in your profile. But the exact amount depends on the size of the photo purchased, and whether the customer found it directly on your profile or by searching. Copyright of your photos is kept by you at all times.



Alami is another interesting service where you can earn some money with your photos. In Alamy, they claim to pay the highest profit commission for this type of platform (money for each is divided in half, 50%), but prices are determined by them, averaging $ 90 per image, but this depends on what the customer (commercial or editorial) is going to use.

Payment is made via PayPal or by bank transfer. The thing that distinguishes Almmi from other similar services is that they accept practically any type of photo; This is not a perfect “advertising” image starring the top model.

Alami has a large collection of photographs, and their only quality control is technical, not editorial quality. You can also sell videos and photos of news related to current affairs.

Other core features of Alami are its special program for students (where they receive 100% of the price of the photo), and its special edition for mobile phones, which you can use to upload (and sell) photos directly with your mobile. Is designed for. It is currently available for iPhone only.



ScopeShot works a little differently from the services we have seen so far, as it is used directly from your mobile to iPhone and Android.

Once you upload the photo from your mobile, it is put up for sale directly in the scoop shot store. As a basic point, if someone uses that image in online advertising, as part of a scoop shot ad network, you will also receive a share of the benefits of that advertisement.

Scoopshot also conducts daily photography contests on a specific subject. In addition, customers can submit assignments requesting a specific type of photo or video, to which you can reply with their own content if you are interested. Payment is made by bank transfer or PayPal.



This service works in the same way as we mentioned earlier, scoopshot. Thanks to its apps for iPhone and Android, the EyeEm platform encourages the capture and sale of photos directly from your mobile device, although you can do it from your website as well.


EyeEm provides a uniform distribution of profits (50% for each), respects the copyright of your photos (which you keep all the time) and also allows you to sell through other image agencies, Increases visibility of work.
You will also find so-called “missions” in EyeEm, special orders from some brands that can increase your profit and further your work within the community of users of the platform.

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