It is possible to make money using Instagram and I will tell you here how to do it.

Can you think that you are traveling and dedicate yourself to taking some pictures every day?

But, what do you have to do to get live on Instagram, how many followers do you have, and where do you get ads from?

Here I explain everything you need to be able to stay away from the social network that is growing the most.But before we get into it, Do you know how to make money from Instagram account.

Keep Calm , if you are not an actress, an actor or you are not with a football player or a singer, you can still make money on Instagram, here I explain what you need to do.

How Make money on instagram

There are many ways to monetize your Instagram account, some of which will work better than others based on your audience profiles and business line.

The best thing is to try them all and then see which one is best for you.Platform to connect advertisers and influencers

To monetize their Instagram account, there are actually several platforms that contact advertisers who influence them, and in most of them they accept an Instagram account.

All you have to do is sign up to receive them all and wait for the the intrested brand to contact you on your profile,

You have registered and already made all available campaigns on your board. Some send you free products, others pay you for sales or how many followers do you have

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It is one of the major current markets for Spanish-speaking influencers.

Very easy to use and apart from your Instagram account, you can also register other social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Run campaigns that can join sign-ups influencers at any time. For me, it is one of the best platforms to find advertisers and monetize your social media network, especially when you start.

Amazon influencer program

Amazon already had its own affiliate program, but for this you must have a website. It has now opened up this possibility to social network users as well, for which I have created an affiliate program designed for the affected.

A great feature of this program is that it has already been set apart as affiliate affiliates, allowing influencers to create their own personal product page, which is ideal for them to use in the video The only hyperlink that you can recommend or share with the medium is to allow you to have Instagram in your description.


It is designed more for bloggers and website owners, rather than influencers, but it also has the option to add an Instagram account.

You select the price within the suggestions given by them.

Sell ​​your presets

To be an Instagrammer, you need to be a good photographer and you can learn it from real Instagram professionals, and from those who spend more time in front of the camera.

Presets are the default effect, usually created with Lightroom and multiple accounts helping on your Instagram, which you keep at your disposal.

Lightroom Course is a true Instagram designer

Sell ​​affiliate products

There are many online stores that give you a percentage for every sale you make through their link.

For example, if you took a super photo with a drone and uploaded it to your Instagram account, you can indicate that this photo was created with that specific drone and it was sent to you via the link you provided Can be purchased, for example on Amazon or GearBest, two large online stores accepting affiliates.

You can find affiliates for practically any type of product. With a simple Google search, you can find the complete affiliate for your profile.

For example, if you want to find fitness-related affiliates, search for fitness affiliates, or if you want to find cosmetics-related subsidiaries, search for cosmetic affiliates.

Keep in mind that on Instagram you can only put a link in your description, and don’t forget to mention it in your photos so they go there and click.

One of the links we are seeing more and more often, especially in Instagram fashion, is their 21Buttons profile links, which are similar to Instagram, but only in fashion, where you can click on clothes to buy them Huh. This way you can earn money with your look.

How to create a fashion blog and earn money through it

Instagram has already noticed this and is also starting to offer this post.

Sell ​​your photos

Sale Your Instagram Photo

On boards, T-shirts, and everything you can think of You can sell your Instagram photos. There are many ways through which you can create billboards from your printed and signed photos, shirts, and phone cases and send them to your followers. How to make money by sell photos

This may sound silly to you, but a New Yorker earns over $ 15,000 in a single day.

One page where you can do all this is

Photo Marketplce

You can also sell your photos without creating any object. is one of the primary markets for selling your Instagram photos, whichever company you may be interested in.

Set up your own tent

If you have a lot of followers, you can take advantage of them and sell your promotional products.

You can appear on your Instagram photos with your T-shirt mockup and sell them at your store.

There are platforms where you can create an online store in minutes, with your own personal products such as La Tostadora or Printful.

For every sale that you make your products, you bear the extra cost you set and you don’t have to exceed design and promote it.

Sell ​​your Instagram account

You can also sell your Instagram account.

Many sell it through a classified portal, but it is best to do so through specialized platforms such as FameSwap.

Tricks to promote your Instagram account

But to earn money with Instagram, you not only have to make good pictures, you must have people too.

Out of its 5,000 followers, the brand may be interested in your sponsorship.

Here are some tips and tricks to gain Instagram followers and become more effective.

Train Yourself

Take courses in photography and marketing strategies, they are very cheap and teach you well.

Create and edit Instagram photos Content creation and editing courses for Instagram stories.

Use tools and platforms to study and compete on your account

There are some very useful tools to get the most from your Instagram account, which is necessary to become a professional in this field.

One of them is, where you can see, for example, who your most influential followers are, and is ideal for finding out who you should engage with.

Follow for follow up and chat

Another old trick is to follow other users, who can follow you again.

A good way to do this is to refer to followers of the same profile as you, who may be interested in following you.

Make likes and comments on profiles with many followers and of course upload at least one good photo per day with multiple posts and hashtags with people.

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